Three former Nasty Ratz members form new band Double Raw with new singer

Three former Nasty Ratz members form new band Double Raw with new singer

About four months after guitarist Stevie Gunn, bassist Nikki Allin and drummer Rikki Wild departed the sleaze rock group Nasty Ratz leaving only frontman and founder Jake Widow as the lone man standing, the trio have formed a new “sleaze metal” group called Double Raw with singer Peter Duff.

Double Raw will be releasing a video presumably for the song “A Million Faces” on December 17, 2017.

The group’s Biography on its website states: “The Czech sleaze/heavy metal band started in Prague (CZ) in September, 2017. DOUBLE RAW consists of four members: Peter Duff behind the mic, Stevie Gunn on guitars, Nikki Allin on bass, and Rikki Wild on drums. They combine the sounds of Sleaze, Glam, and Metal into the heavy and raw but melodic unit. The members got a lot of experiences from gigs where they were opening shows for bands like Tigertailz (UK), Bai Bang (SWE), The Last Vegas (USA), Toxicrose (SWE) etc. in many countries all over the Europe. They composed the most of songs in their past band called Nasty Ratz and thanks to their RAW sound they found a many fans all over the world. Their energy, hunger and hard workin’ are pushing them to better and better records and wilder shows.”

Double Raw‘s “A Million Faces” video teaser:

Double Raw – A Million Faces (TEASER)

Here is FULL music video: Louder. Rawer.Brand new video of sleaze metal band called DOUBLE RAW´ ll b…