Three new Gypsy Rose related albums available for pre-order but in limited quantities

Three new Gypsy Rose related albums available for pre-order but in limited quantities

Great news for Gypsy Rose fans as not one, not two but three Gypsy Rose related releases are available for pre-order via Frontline Entertainment until July 22, 2018.

The following message was posted by Doug Scheck on Rock & Roll Frontline‘s closed Facebook group earlier today:

Frontline Entertainment & Gypsy Rose are proud to announce a preorder sale for all 3 of their new releases. This is a great chance for fans in the US (shipping included) to get these releases at a fair price with exclusive Gypsy Rose guitar picks only available with this offer. These CDs have a very limited run of 500 for each title, so please do not miss out on this offer. This offer is also available to fans in Canada with an addition shipping fee.

This preorder will run from July 14th until July 22nd. CDs should be ready to ship to you by mid August or sooner.

Check out the link below to reserve your CDs.

Frontline Entertainment describes the Gypsy Rose 3 Pack “Pre Order Bundle” as follows:

“Includes all 3 Gypsy Rose/Michael Ross releases, 3 exclusive guitar picks & free shipping in the United States. Also available in Canada with a shipping fee.

Preorder will run July 14, 2018 through July 22, 2018
CDs should arrive in the States by mid August
Guitar picks are limited to the first 50 orders

CD 1: Shattered Affair-1986-1989 Roots & Early Days

Gypsy Rose were a Canadian hard rock band formed in the late 80s that caught the attention of Gene Simmons on his newfound label Simmons Records that was operating through RCA. In 1990 the band had released their highly acclaimed debut album “Prey” (produced by Mr. Simmons himself) and they quickly became a strong name in the label so much that many would place high hopes in the band thinking they could become the next Danger Danger or even the next Skid Row. Eventually in 1991, things started to fall apart and the band didn’t release the second album splitting up shortly after. The reason for a split up at this time in rock history is a cliche but so real for the hard rock/hair bands of the era: Band tension and lack of support from the label due to the change of the music climate (Grunge was in). You’ve heard this story a million times before and most probably lived it. But this melodic brand of hard rock survived crawling through the desolate mid to late 90’s until it exploded again in the new millennium in a more underground and sectarian spirit that makes possible Gypsy Rose to be back again touring and have released all these rare tracks on physical digital format (yes, good old CD)!

Progaor (in collaboration with Michael Ross and longtime fan Mikael Svensson) proudly presents a compilation of early Gypsy Rose demos plus the previous Michael Ross AOR projects Shattered Heart and Secret Affair. Presented in a 16-page booklet that includes band biography (part 1), lyrics, rare photos and song commentaries from Mr. Ross himself, these seminal recordings were carefully remastered from the old tapes. The wait is over, finally the vaults were open, an absolute delight to all the fans!

CD 2: Rosary Of Tears-1988-1991 Outakes & Unreleased

Collection of Gypsy Rose demos & outtakes most of them recorded in 1991, after their debut album “Prey“. These unreleased songs, were supposed to be on the second album that never happened. Finally they are available to the fans for the first time ever! Carefully remastered and presented in a 20-page booklet with band biography (part 2), lyrics, rare photos and song-by-song notes written by Mr. Ross himself, plus short notes of drummer Steve Thomas, ex-guitarist Bryan Joyce and photographer Mark Weiss. This is probably the most anticipated hard rock archive collection release of 2018!

CD 3: Do I Ever Cross Your Mind: Michael Ross

Released for the first time in Europe, this is the debut Michael Ross (Gypsy Rose frontman) solo album recorded between 1998 and 2011 in different sessions. Originally self-released on a tiny press of 100 CD-r copies, this is the first time it gets a pro-CD treatment.

“Do I ever cross your mind” is a more intimate and introspective album that will surely please fans of Bon Jovi and Journey, rather than the more sleazy & glammy oriented rock of Gypsy Rose. Includes lyrics and comments to each song by Mr. Ross himself and one bonus track from 2017.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Gypsy Rose‘s Poisoned By Love, which was released by FnA Records back in 2012: “In the late ’80s Gene Simmons proved there was more to the famed bassist than face-paint and spewing blood when he founded Simmons Records. Of course, like the majority of The Demon’s business ventures outside of KISS, the label wasn’t very successful but it did manage to release four albums before sinking — one of them being Gypsy Rose‘s Prey. My personal favorite from the sparse Simmons Records catalogue, Prey was one of those albums that hit the shelves a little too late, and resulted in Gypsy Rose becoming a ‘one and done’ band… that is, until now….

As mentioned earlier, the only thing that hurts this album is the sound quality. If Gypsy Rose would have been given the opportunity to record some of these tracks with a professional producer back in the early ’90s they would have had another satisfying album on their hands. But it’s easy to look past the suspect quality that sometimes rears its ugly head on Poisoned By Love and concentrate on the songs themselves because there are only a couple stinkers on the entire album. Hopefully this disc results in a reunion of sorts, and even better yet… more music from these underrated Canadian rockers!”

Gypsy Rose’s “Only My Voice Came Back” song:

GYPSY ROSE ♠ Only My Voice Came Back ♠ HQ

Rosary of Tears – 1988-1991 Outtakes & Unreleased Recordings LABEL: PROG AOR RECORDS this album:…