Thundermother frontwoman Guernica Mancini states female musicians as good as male musicians

Thundermother frontwoman Guernica Mancini states female musicians as good as male musicians

Thundermother‘s new lead vocalist Guernica Mancini was recently interviewed by Yiannis Dolas of Back in February of this year, Thundermother released their third self-titled studio album.

Mancini was asked whether it’s just hype that there are many new female fronted bands following the footsteps of the likes of Joan Jett, Halestorm, etc. or something that is happening right now. The singer replied: “I definitely not think that it’s a hype. I think that it’s a natural progress. Because, female musicians are as good as male musicians. It’s just like everything else in our society. It’s a little bit backwards and for that reason men have been taking more space in every aspect of life. Now females are being more empowered and I think more and more they don’t give a shit! If you are a female or not you are just going to do what you want to do with your life and not care about what society tells you is right or wrong. You are just going to follow your own intuition and do what you like to do.”

It was noted to Mancini that she had previously been in bands with guys so she was asked what’s the difference between being in band with guys compared to one with girls. Mancini advised: “Ahmm, well… I think that most people think that the “drama level” is bigger, but in my opinion I’ve had the same kind of drama with men as with females, so that’s just the same. Hmmm interesting… you might think that girls are more judgmental and might go “oh, you can’t do this and this and that”, but in my experience the guys that I worked with were much more aware and they just always thought what everyone else thinks. Like in Thundermother I can do whatever I want. In my other band If I’d do something that in their opinion was cheesy… they cared much more about what others thought about, whereas in Thundermother we just do what we feel is cool and right.”

In terms of how tough it is to replace a singer in a band such as Guernica replacing former Thundermother lead vocalist Clare Cunningham, Mancini opined: “I think it’s extremely tough to be honest. It’s a very very tough thing to do, but it’s not impossible. Because, when you are in a band all 3,4, or 5 members are important. It’s not about this one member. You should never forget about that. It’s about the unit, not the individual. It’s hard, but not impossible, obviously! I joined the band now and it works out pretty well.”

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