Thundermother release video for acoustic version of new ballad “Sleep”

Thundermother release video for acoustic version of new ballad “Sleep”

Swedish rockers Thundermother consisting of guitarist and band founder Filippa Nässil, lead vocalist Guernica Mancini, drummer Emlee Johansson and new bassist Majsan Lindberg, have released a video for their acoustic version of their new ballad “Sleep.” Last month, the group released another video for the song which will be on their upcoming fourth studio album Heat Wave, which will be available via AFM Records on July 31, 2020.

In a recent interview with Sleaze Roxx, Mancini was asked about the difference between Thundermother’s self-titled album released in 2018 and Heat Wave to which she replied:

“Well, I think that the main difference was that we were all involved in the songwriting. Before, I would say it was 90% Filippa writing and creating all the music but now, we were all involved, and it’s been such a blast and we’ve had so much fun creating together. I think it comes across really well on the album as well. You can hear how much fun that we have together, the energy…  I think that we managed to create a real Thundermother song. We still have the AC/DC / Mötorhead DNA but it has a freshness to it.”

With respect to how Thundermother came up with the album title Heat Wave, Mancini indicated: “I don’t know. We wanted to have a cool, powerful title. We had a few ideas but we ended up choosing Heat Wave because it was such simple, cool and we did not know any other rock albums that had that title. It is one of the songs on the album so it was just a cool name that actually fits the energy of the whole rock scene, the whole album and Thundermother.”

Thundermother‘s “Sleep” video (acoustic version):