Thundermother singer Guernica Mancini to release debut solo album via Golden Robot Records

Thundermother singer Guernica Mancini to release debut solo album via Golden Robot Records

Thundermother‘s powerhouse lead vocalist Guernica Mancini will release her debut solo album via Golden Robot Records. No timeline was indicated when we can expect Mancini‘s solo album.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following about Mancini‘s singing in its review of Thundermother‘s studio album Heat Wave, which finished at #1 on the Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2020 and #6 on the Sleaze Roxx Readers’ Top 20 Albums of 2020:

“When raspy voiced singer Clare Cunningham, who had handled the lead vocals on Thundermother‘s first two albums, left the band back in early 2017, I thought that it would be a tall order to find a female replacement for her but guitarist Filippa Nässil hit the jackpot when she recruited lead vocalist Guernica Mancini. No offence to Cunningham (whose voice I really like) but Mancini is just at another level, which has really helped Thundermother get to that next rung as well with their third, and now fourth album. As previously stated, Mancini can seemingly sing anything. Powerful singing — you got it (check out just about every song on the album). Bluesy singing — you got it (check out “Purple Sky”). The ability to go from soft to loud in a milli-second — you got it. Story telling like vocals — you got it (check out “Mexico”). Quite frankly, Mancini is my new favorite female singer.”

The following message was posted on Golden Robot Records‘ Facebook page yesterday (with slight edits):

Golden Robot Records is thrilled to announce the signing of Guernica Mancini for her debut solo album!

Guernica is best known as the powerhouse lead singer for Swedish all-female hard rockers Thundermother, and wants all her fans to know this doesn’t interfere with her duties in the band as they are stronger than ever.

But her solo work is going to be amazing and take her fans on an incredible journey as she kicks down boundaries in the rock world.

Watch Guernica chat with Golden Robot Records President and Founder Mark Alexander-Erber in Episode 3 of “Conversations With…”:

Earlier this year, Guernica featured on ‘Wall of Confusion’ with Crusader Records‘ own King Zebra:

Welcome, Guernica! 🤘