Tiger Claws release “no frills home video” for song “Hot Shot”

Tiger Claws release “no frills home video” for song “Hot Shot”

Tiger Claws have released a second “no frills home video” in support of their new album Tiger Claws. After the release of the “no frills home video” for the song “Starlight”, the group has released one for the track “Hot Shot.”

Track List for new Tiger Claws album:
01. Turn The Lights Down
02. Hot Shot
03. 19
04. Rich Bitch
05. Starlight
06. Let Go
07. Lick Me Like A Dog
08. Alone
09. I Met The Devil
10. Voodoo Queen
11. Eyes Of Blue
12. Serpent’s Kiss demo
Bonus hidden track:
13. Whiskey Train

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Tiger Claws guitarist Dennis D stated “The new video is just us in Mick James‘ studio here in Long Island. At the time, we needed a bassist so he did the photos and videos. You might know him from Cris Angel, the magician band/bassist. The song for the “no frills part 2” video is “Hot Shot.”  I wrote it for Stephen Pearcy. Not last year but the year before, Stephen and I were talking on and off. I called him one afternoon and he said he was driving in Beverly Hills  thinking about new material for his solo record. I wanted to capture an older Ratt/Van Halen vibe for him. It’s really just a demo he didn’t use with a play on the “Unchained” riff.  I played everything in my home studio.  I did catch up with him last spring briefly when Ratt rolled through New York.

The mighty Ratt sound better than ever now and I’m glad they are back were they belong.  I love him like a brother. He’s very intelligent and a fun hang, if not the best. Stephen and Warren [DeMartini] are like Steven Tyler and Joe Perry,  Eddie [Van Halen] and Dave [Lee] Roth. Any Ratt version without them is simply ridiculous. I certainly don’t want to see and hear any other version. Nothing against those other entities or the musicians in them but I go way back with Ratt since the first Beacon Theater show in New York as well as Madison Square Garden, etc… “Hot Shot” was remastered by Matt Thor from Rough Cutt and he’s Stephen‘s bassist. I know Erik Ferintinos, Stephen‘s solo guitarist. He is a fine player and cool guy. Greg D’Angelo, Stephen‘s drummer, was our old drummer’s drum teacher back in the day. It’s all one big party [laughs]. I have a few other songs I wrote for Stephen under my hat as well that I’m sure will see the light of day eventually.”

Tiger Claws‘ “no frills home video” for “Hot Shot”:

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