Tigertailz debut video for “Dynamite” to coincide with release of new album ‘Blast’

Tigertailz debut video for “Dynamite” to coincide with release of new album ‘Blast’

Glam rockers Tigertailz have released a video for their version of the Mud classic “Dynamite” to officially launch their new Blast album release today.

Blast is Tigertailz‘s first studio album in almost ten years.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Tigertailz‘s last full-length studio album Thrill Pistol: ” If you have seen pictures of Tigertailz over the years you would automatically expect them to play radio-friendly rock like that of Poison. While the band is capable of such a sound, they don’t limit themselves to it – and on this release there is often an unexpected sinister sound lurking underneath as Tigertailz takes you on an unpredictable journey.” Sleaze Roxx concluded its review by stating: “Thrill Pistol is a great album – pure and simple.”

Tigertailz‘s Thrill Pistol went on to finish as the #6 album on Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2007.

Tigertailz CD coverTrack List for Blast:
01. Just For One Night
02. All The Girls In The World
03. Pipped It Popped It
04. Bop Bop You
05. In The Arms Of Mary
06. Bloodsuckers
07. Dynamite
08. Bring It On
09. Crime Against Rock And Roll
10. God’s Country
Bonus Tracks (*CD only):
11. Cheap Talk
12. FnA


TIGERTAILZ release their version of the Mud classic – Dynamite.Available on the new Tigertailz album BLAST, released 25/ April 2016.TT Records 2016(Dynamite …