Tigertailz Donate Piece Of ‘Tailz History To Y&T Benefit Auction

Tigertailz Donate Piece Of ‘Tailz History To Y&T Benefit Auction

December 14, 2010

Tigertailz Donate Piece Of 'Tailz History To Y&T Benefit AuctionIn this great thing called life, with all its sorrows matched only by its many joys and opportunities, there are few of us who have not been touched in some way by the terrible hand of cancer.

No Tigertailz fan will need any reminder of the toll this awful and often incurable illness can take. Losing Pepsi Tate to pancreatic cancer in 2007 was a grievous blow to everyone connected with the band, and of course to his family and friends. We continue to take comfort in Pepsi’s legacy, and in the superb work carried out by Amser Justin Time, the charity set up by his wife Shan Cothi, which thanks to you has so far raised over £120,000 to support specialist pancreatic cancer care nurses in Wales.

Equally, when we heard that our longtime friend and brother-in-rock Phil Kennemore, the bassist of Y&T, was fighting his own battle with cancer, the last thing we wanted to do was stand quietly aside. We all know what a trooper and all round road warrior Phil is, and there’s no doubt he’s receiving great care and support in America. All the same, the hard fact is that he’s facing mounting medical costs in his bid to beat the illness – and that’s where we can all lend a hand.

Tigertailz frontman Kim Hooker is donating an extraordinary piece of ‘Tailz history in order to raise money for Phil.

On auction from today, Kim has donated the one-and-only pair of fiery red contact lenses that he wore to legendary effect on the classic ‘Bezerk’ album cover. Plus, as part of the same package, he’s including the very first test print of that fabled artwork. It has been signed by Kim himself, with the appropriate words: “I can see you…” Also included are the red lenses’ original cases and carry bag with the actual original liquid solution that he had to put in his eyes to get those crimson orbs in!

As fans will appreciate, these items – up until now Kim’s personal property, locked away for posterity – are not only utterly unique, but are a massive part of Tigertailz’ heritage. So much of the Tigertailz identity has been wrapped up in that iconic image, even to this day, but now – for Phil – we want to put this part of our past to positive use and hopefully raise a huge amount of money.

The starting bid in this once-in-a-lifetime auction will be $100 and you can follow it right here: www.meniketti.com/auction

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.tigertailz.co.uk