Tigertailz release video for track “Bloodsuckers”

Tigertailz release video for track “Bloodsuckers”

Welch glam rockers Tigertailz have just released a video for the song “Bloodsuckers” which comes from their 2016 album, Blast. The video was created by Jammy Custard Animation in Cardiff, UK.

A message on Tigertailz‘s Facebook page today states (with slight edits): “The opening dual guitars and lyrics of “Bloodsuckers” lay out the intent of this song. It’s designed to rip your face right off. Who else writes a song about a vampire rock band travelling through the galaxy to fight evil space Warlords. Only to drink their blood after they’ve killed them. That can only be those crazy Welshmen Tigertailz. “Bloodsuckers” is the latest track to be released from the Blast album. It’s delivered as an animated video to enhance the dark undertones of the song. Shout it out.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Blast: “All in all, despite my own personal concerns, I feel this is a good follow-up and continuation of the Tigertailz name and I feel the band created a decent musical endeavor that is grabbing a touch from the musical past, a bit of their own past, which they have molded to create a modern good time record that all music fans can raise their hands in salute and have a “Blast” to (sorry, I couldn’t resist). I think Pepsi would be proud.”

Tigertailz‘s “Bloodsuckers” video:


Bloodsuckers(Music/ lyrics Jay Pepper) ©Tigertailz 2020 We’re losing power, we’re going down in sector 5 C’mth the hour, no one’s going to get out alive We a…