Tigertailz Working On Box Set Amidst Drummer’s Departure

Tigertailz Working On Box Set Amidst Drummer’s Departure

March 26, 2013

Despite drummer Ace Finchum announcing that he has left Tigertailz for the second time, the band is keeping busy by writing new material and working on a career retrospective box set.

Tigertailz co-founder Jay Pepper recently stated that the band is currently working on writing new songs with a view to getting something out by the end of the year. The guitarist says that the result Will most likely be an EP based around Pepsi Tate’s film called ‘The Shoe Collector’. Tigertailz are also in discussions with a US label about releasing everything ‘Tailz has ever done. This will be a mammoth undertaking, as the band are up to around 130 songs, and will include demos and live bootlegs never before released or heard by fans.

Pepper also revealed plans behind deceased bassist Pepsi Tate’s ‘The Shoe Collector’ film. “Like everything Pepsi did the film is class and a high-quality production and deserves to be seen,” says Pepper. “Unfortunately, I only have the off-line low-res copy of the film but am trying to see if I can get the finished copy. Either way I plan to make this available along with a song of the same title which I have written to go with the his film. I am also looking to write a short story to accompany the film which will go hand-in-hand with some of the new tunes.”

As for the drummer situation, Ace Finchum says, “I have decided to leave the band Tigertailz, as it was a bloody mess and being dragged through the mud, and enough was enough for me. My days of answering to tyrants and given ultimatums had to end, so it has. There are things that have just come up through court documents I have only just seen for the first time and never realized how many copies the ‘Bezerk’ album sold! All in my soon to be published book. I am now a free agent and any bands looking for a drummer please inbox me.”

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com