Tim Huntington reveals he was fired from Livesay despite playing drums on recently released EP ‘Scars’

Tim Huntington reveals he was fired from Livesay despite playing drums on recently released EP ‘Scars’

Livesay consisting of band founder Gregg Livesay on guitars, Mike Gill on lead vocals, Mark Zito on keyboards, Rich Andrews on bass and Tim Huntington on drums have just released their new EP titled Scars last month (July 2023). You can purchase Scars directly from Livesay‘s website. Although Huntington is listed as a member on the album booklet, he has recently publicly revealed that he is actually not a part of the band anymore.

The following message was posted on Huntington‘s Facebook page yesterday:


Please allow me the time to explain some things about my current status in the local music community. I would like to clear the air in regard to my association with the band, LIVESAY. I know that the band recently released a 4 song CD. One in which I performed the drums on and I am featured in the artwork as a member of the band. I have been tagged in posts, emailed, texted etc. Some very kind messages from a lot of you. All congratulating me and “my” band on the new release. Those people are under the impression that I am still in the band. Which I am not, and have not been for quite some time. The other half contacting me asking why I quit the band. So, allow me to set the record straight. I did not quit or leave. I was fired from the band in the beginning of 2023, of which I’ve been loyal to for many years, albums and shows.

Now what compounds this wound and insult to injury is; I was no longer good enough in the eyes of a certain member of the band. However, the drum tracks I put down for the 4 song CD were worth keeping, unbeknownst to me.. As well as including a live photo of me in the album artwork. I was never asked, nor did I grant permission to use my likeness in this release as which I’m proud of my playing. I was given a couple of complimentary copies of the album after asking for them.

It disappoints me that I was treated with such disrespect by a person that prides himself on “loyalty”. It saddens me that people have been led to believe that I am either still in the band, or that I quit. I am not telling anyone not to enjoy the CD, or not to buy it. I’ve always been proud of what I’ve done in my musical career. I just want to set the record straight how I was treated pre and post dismissal from the band I stuck by through on and off through the years. Not just the highs, but also the lows.

No regrets, no apologies, just setting the record straight. Please enjoy my last performance.

Thank You”

Livesay‘s “Walk Away” video (from Scars EP):