Timothy Gaines’ wife Brandee blames their relationship breakdown on Stryper

Timothy Gaines’ wife Brandee blames their relationship breakdown on Stryper

One might think that it’s been a tough last two years for former Stryper bassist Timothy Gaines.

Gaines was let go or fired from Stryper less than a year ago after months and months of uncertainty on whether he was still in the band and/or going to play on the group’s next studio album.

Then Gaines was replaced with ex-Firehouse bassist Perry Richardson.

In the midst of Gaines‘ latest Stryper issues, the bassist remarried to a woman named Brandee.

Unfortunately, it appears that Gaines‘ relationship with with his wife Brandee Gaines may be over as his wife posted on Facebook earlier today that their relationship has been ruined. The Facebook post states:

“I’m taking my quiet life back. Its come between Tim and I now. Ruined our relationship. I’ve turned into someone I don’t want to be. I’m not paying any attention to Stryper. Best of luck to them. Tim has not cared about this for a year! Other than getting defensive, He is fine, Sadly its ruined our relationship. Stryper won. Hope for all the future best to them and their families. They won, we lost and that is fine with me. I’m just ready to get back my quiet life with my kids and my new wonderful friends, work my measly job and find a church. I’m done! This finally took its toll… So let them celebrate and laugh. I don’t care anymore. No responses from me on this post. I’m done talking about it. I’ve given 18 months of my life to this and I’m not giving one more day to it. So, wish them well everyone, Lets move on and talk about the weather.”