TKO And War Babies Singer Resurfaces In Angels Of Dresden

TKO And War Babies Singer Resurfaces In Angels Of Dresden

February 11, 2015

Angels Of Dresden, featuring former TKO and War Babies vocalist Brad Sinsel, have released a fan made video for the song “Doomsday”.

Aspiring actress, and big Angels Of Dresden fan, Mandy Kitana had a vision for her interpretation of what the song “Doomsday” meant to her. She raised the money and hired independent horror film director James Balsamo to help her bring ideas to life. “Mandy had some great ideas of what Doomsday for her might be like,” an enthusiastic Balsamo said. “I went with that, then added a few of my touches. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”

“Doomsday” has been gaining momentum on internet radio by good old fashion word of mouth and is available most anywhere digital music can be downloaded.

Angels Of Dresden formed in Los Angeles in early 2014 and features vocalist Brad Sinsel, guitarist Steve Gainer, bassist John Sharkey, and drummer Alex Locascio, along with Jessika Van, best known for playing Becca on the MTV series Awkward.

In May of last year the band began writing the first Angels Of Dresden songs. Recorded at Gainer’s Burbank studio, Sinsel reached out to former bandmate Brynn Arens (frontman for The ODDfathers) to mix and produce.

“Brynn did an amazing job producing A.O.D’s first two singles “Doomsday” and “The Criminal”,” stated Sinsel. “Brynn and I have a very good musical fit, so I was very comfortable handing over the responsibility to him. Brynn also adds some amazing guitar work to the final mix. Wait until you hear the lead! A special friend, Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, stopped by and played his ass off!!! If you’re looking for some completely unique, new, yet familiar rock songs the Angels Of Dresden are for you.”

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