TNT And Vocalist Tony Mills Split After Seven Years

TNT And Vocalist Tony Mills Split After Seven Years

August 5, 2013

After three studio albums and extensive touring in Scandinavia, Europe and USA with Norwegian hard rockers TNT, Tony Mills has decided to leave the band and continue the journey in his own artistic direction. Tony’s contractual obligations in territories like Japan and Australia, as well as different preferences in the rock world fueled the decision to part ways with the band.

“It has been a a long road since 2006 and I’ve been through a lot since Z Records recommended me for the job in Oslo,” says Mills. “I’ve met a huge amount of people here; for such a small population compared to the UK, the market for rock music is a lot bigger than I could have ever believed with grand support from the government and open doors for funding. The fan base is spread over generations and the promotional support unprecedented. The country is much bigger than it seems and we have flown so many times, I’ve lost count.”

Tony Mills toured the world with British AOR sensation Shy in the ’80s and established himself as a versatile songwriter and session vocalist with a slew of US artists during the ’80s and ’90s. For the past seven years he’s been fronting TNT and currently resides at Jar outside of Oslo. He’s been maintaing an active solo career and session work along throughout this time. Mills is currently showcasing his new single and video, “Girls In Norway”.

“After the passing of our beloved Dag Stokke, and the parting with Victor Borge at the end of last year, my departing may not be altogether unexpected,” Mills continues. “But there are other contracts I need to fulfill and a different focus I have to maintain in the coming years. I wish Ronni (Le Tekro) and his team all the best for their future, however it may shape itself. We’ve had some remarkable experiences together and we’ve worked with some incredible characters, from Ozzy Osbourne to Trine Rein, Anita Hegerland, Skid Row and Motorhead, Stage Dolls, Morten Abel, Age Sten Nielsen and even the crown prince. Bless them all; I hope to see them a few more times before the rock n roll wheel stops spinning and finally grinds to a halt. I shall be fulfilling all the previous engagements booked by the band and expected by the public, with great pleasure. And the ‘Girls in Norway’ are wonderful.”

Tony Mills will be performing with TNT in Alesund on August 9th and at Eidsvoll on August 10th.

Rumors have already been circulating that Tony Harnell will rejoin the band, although such reunion talk is premature. “I’d just like to say that the ‘press leak’ in Norway was a bit premature. Meaning, if anything were to happen, it’s not happening this soon — and I’m not saying anything is gonna happen,” says Harnell. “Well, the beginning and the end are sometimes a little too close to each other. But the door of possibility always remains open.”

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