TNT Bassist Victor Borge Quits The Band

TNT Bassist Victor Borge Quits The Band

December 17, 2012

TNT Bassist Victor Borge Quits The BandTNT bassist Victor Borge announced today that he is leaving the Norwegian rock band after a seven year stint to pursue another offer.

“After seven and a half years as a bass player in TNT, I have decided to accept another offer,” stated Borge. “My best wishes and good luck to the boys in the band and crew for the future! And not least, thanks to all of you who have been so incredibly positive and great support for me during my time in the TNT!”

TNT frontman Tony Mills responded to the news by saying, “Sadly, after many years of working with a man who helped save my life at the airport in Oslo, our paths take separate roads in music and Victor Borge departs the TNT machine and heads to Trondheim to find his destiny elsewhere. He has become very much a brother to me, helping me recover and regain my full strength and always being there no matter.”

“It has been lovely to get to know his daughters Sandra and Victoria and even singing together with Victoria on some of Victo’rs sponsorship recordings for Yamaha,” Mills continued. “Victoria will no doubt become a valid artist in her own right in years to come and she certainly has the right Dad to help her with that career. Victor is currrently working with his lady, Bente Smaavik in Trondheim, recording and playing live concerts. He takes a little piece of my heart with him and always will, one of the sweeter men in this unpredictable and volatile life choice that we both chose; Rock n Roll. Good luck bro, with all that you plan and achieve.”

Borge replaced Sid Ringsby as TNT bassist in late 2005. He made his debut on the band’s 2006 album ‘Live In Madrid’ (their last with longtime vocalist Tony Harnell) and appeared on the studio albums ‘The New Territory’, ‘Atlantis’ and ‘A Farewell To Arms’.

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