Toby Jepson Leaves Gun, Band Taking A Time Out

Toby Jepson Leaves Gun, Band Taking A Time Out

June 29, 2010

Toby Jepson Leaves Gun, Band Taking A Time OutAfter the release of ‘Popkiller’ in 2009, vocalist Toby Jepson (formerly of Little Angels) has decided to leave Scottish hard rock band Gun.

In a statement released through Gun’s official website — — Toby Jepson states, “Due to increasing writing and production commitments for other artists, I have decided to leave GUN as the singer. I have had a fantastic time working with Jools and Dante and consider the music we have created together as being amongst the best I have been involved in throughout my career . I wish them well and sincerely hope that we will work together again in some capacity in the future. I stress that that I am in no way leaving the world of live music, far from it, it is simply that at the moment I cannot commit 100% to future GUN plans and would not want to stand in the way of the bands potential further development . I fully intend to resurface as a rock singer in one way or another in the near future so watch this space…”

Current Gun member Giuliano ‘Jools’ Gizzi says, “Following on from Toby’s announcement, we will take some time out to decide GUN’s future.The last couple of years have been great and we have really enjoyed playing the gigs. Thanks to Toby for being an excellent frontman and thanks to the fans for supporting us.Dante (Gizzi) and I will keep you posted with what’s happening…….so don’t go away now!”

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