Tokyo Spandixxx unveil video for new single “Dick It”

Tokyo Spandixxx unveil video for new single “Dick It”

Tokyo Spandixxx consisting of lead vocalist Pete Lixxx, guitarist Axxxe, bassist YOU and drummer Dr. Himaxxx have unveiled a video for their single “Dick It” from their second studio album Give A Loud F*ck , which was released in December 2019.

Striker bassist Pete Klassen doubles as Tokyo Spandixxx‘s frontman Pete Lixxx and the following message was posted on the former’s Facebook page yesterday:

“★☆New Video from Tokyo Spandixxx☆★

Whoever thought you could use the word “dick” as a verb?! Apparently Tokyo Spandixxx did!!

These foul mouthed rockers are at it again with their new video for “Dick It” from the latest album, Give A Loud F*CK.

I was at the concert this was filmed at in Tokyo last year. What a hilarious good time!!”

In an interview with Sleaze Roxx back in August 2019, Lixxx pointed out that he was not Klassen as he indicated: “Well, I should point out that I’m actually not Pete Klassen… That guy’s a great singer and accomplished musician but he’s too polite for rock n’ roll. He got all the good jobs in Japan — acting, voice overs and studio singing and whatnot. They don’t usually let me on TV with my dirty mouth. We’re usually pretty good buds though and I’m basically the dirtier version of that guy. I do also speak Japanese too yeah… I got excited about some Japanese rock and metal some years back and decided I was gonna learn Japanese and go rock Japan so I just made it happen with the help of some really cool colleagues of course!”

Tokyo Spandixxx‘s “Dick It” video:

TOKYO SPANDIXXX – Dick It (Official Music Video)

Band: TOKYO SPANDIXXXSong: Dick ItAlbum: GIVE A LOUD F*CKRelease: Dec. 2019Country: JapanVideo Director: YUKKIE (the LAHNGS)Download Links: http://hyperurl….