Tokyo Spandixxx’s ‘Give A Loud F*ck’ album release gig in Tokyo, Japan on December 12th

Tokyo Spandixxx’s ‘Give A Loud F*ck’ album release gig in Tokyo, Japan on December 12th

Tokyo Spandixxx consisting of lead vocalist Pete Lixxx, guitarist Axxxe, bassist YOU and drummer Dr. Himaxxx will be releasing their second studio album Give A Loud F*ck later this year and doing an album release gig at Wildside Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan on December 12, 2019.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Tokyo Spandixxx‘s debut EP Kick Big Ass:

“A band can have the best marketing in the world but if the music sucks, that group likely won’t make it or at least not make it in the long run. Well, it is apparent that Tokyo Spandixxx have the total package with great visuals and some fantastic songs as well. Funny enough, I view Tokyo Spandixxx as the Japanese version of Steel Panther. There is no question that Tokyo Spandixxx have borrowed a lot of ideas from Steel Panther and particularly with their fun sexually charged lyrics and titles. In addition and similar to Steel Panther, they write killer songs with fantastic melodies, cool guitar riffs and easy to sing along to songs. In other words, if you love Steel Panther, the odds are very high that you are going to love Tokyo Spandixxx. And let me tell you, Steel Panther are a hard act to follow. Many bands are trying to follow their lead and many fall short such as Turbo Shokk who did everything that Steel Panther did from comedy filled interviews, to sexually charged lyrics and song titles but the music on the group’s debut album Get Radical fell quite short of what Steel Panther offer.

That simply is not an issue for Tokyo Spandixxx as their music more than hold its own against what the mighty Steel Panther have to offer. A band’s success often starts and ends with the vocals and Tokyo Spandixxx lead vocalist Pete Lixxx is simply a fantastic singer who seemingly can hit all the notes including the high pitch screams. Guitarist Axxxe‘s guitar playing is absolutely stupendous and very similar to what Steel Panther guitarist Satchel offers, which is some great guitar riffs during the songs and some fantastic memorable solos when the time comes. The rhythm section of bassist YOU and drummer Dr. Himaxxx (where do they get these names?) provides a great foundation for Lixxx, Axxxe and most importantly the songs to shine. Alright, as you can gather, I am very impressed with the musicianship displayed by the Tokyo Spandixxx band members.”

Tokyo Spandixxx‘s ‘Give A Loud F*ck’ album trailer:


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