Tom Keifer to start new solo album in 2018 and to release bonus tracks later in 2017

Tom Keifer to start new solo album in 2018 and to release bonus tracks later in 2017

Cinderella frontman Tom Keifer was recently interviewed by the 92 Minutes Of Hair With Mel show on the Las Vegas, Nevada radio station KOMP 92.3 where he announced that he would start working on the follow-up to his debut solo studio album The Way Life Goes (2013) in 2018 and release a deluxe version of his critically acclaimed debut solo album with bonus tracks later in 2017.

The following are excerpts from the interview with Keifer (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx):

“I’ve been writing the whole time. We’ve been out for a really long time behind The Way Life Goes because when it was first released, I put together the band that we’ve been touring with. And that’s just been kind of growing out on the tour circuit and becoming more and more popular, you know the solo band. So we’ve just kind of stayed out. It’s a different age in the music business now. It takes a little longer for music to seep in. There’s so much out there. So you know we’ve just continued touring. [But] I’ve been writing the whole time. Touring is always the place where I fill the well, because you’re done thinking about production and recording and writing and you just go out and you live and you do what you love doing and playing music and meeting people and traveling, and then the well starts to fill and then the songs start to come again. So we’ve been writing.

Hmmm. Last year, we went into the studio with the touring band, and we produced with Vance Powell, who’s a really great producer here from Nashville. We produced some bonus tracks for a deluxe edition of The Way Life Goes. It’s coming out, I believe, in August or late summer this year, and that’s got bonus tracks and a documentary on the new band and a whole new art package that’s pretty special done by a really cool artist. So that’s coming out towards the end of the year, and we’ll tour through the rest of this year, and then we’ll be in the studio doing a follow-up to The Way Life Goes next year.”

Keifer‘s debut solo album The Way Life Goes finished at number five on Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2013 to which Sleaze Roxx stated: “As frontman for legendary rockers Cinderella, Tom Keifer made a name for himself as one of the genre’s finest and most unique voices. However life can be cruel, as vocal cord problems throughout his career almost robbed us of Keifer‘s signature gravel-throated sound. Thankfully the singer’s voice has held up long enough to deliver the long-awaited ‘The Way Life Goes’, a collection of bluesy rock songs that represent the logical progression to Cinderella‘s ‘Heartbreak Station’. The album is far removed from Keifer‘s earliest recordings, but the voice is the same, the songwriting top-notch, and solid through and through.”

Tom Keifer‘s “It’s Not Enough” video:

Tom Keifer “It’s Not Enough” Music Video HD

Appears on the debut solo album, “The Way Life Goes”, available now on iTunes (USA) : and iTunes (UK) :…