Tom Keifer’s ‘The Way Life Goes’ not available for two years leading to release of deluxe edition

Tom Keifer’s ‘The Way Life Goes’ not available for two years leading to release of deluxe edition

Cinderella frontman Tom Keifer was recently interviewed by Andrew Catania of All That Shreds and spoke about the reasons that led to the recent release of the deluxe edition of his debut solo record The Way Life Goes.

When asked whether The Way Life Goes was pulled from the shelves for a period, Keifer advised: “The record came out in 2013 to great reviews, and the fans loved it. We had a couple of tracks were taken off at radio, and then we had a little bit of a legal issue that caused the record to be pulled from the shelves, and the record hasn’t been available for the last two years.

So the deluxe edition going up. We had to hire an Attorney last year and get our masters back because we were reading people saying that they loved the new record and I can’t find it anywhere.

We were aware that it’d been pulled by the distributor over this legal issue and people were saying I bought the record when it first came out and now it’s disappeared and my iTunes so it was just a mess. To hear these comments and stories from fans after we’d spent nine or 10 years making this record and it came out with a bang and people were loving it and then all of a sudden boom we had this problem. We had a choice, we could either just let the record slip through the cracks, or we could do what we had to do. Like I said we hired an Attorney and we did what we had to. When we got the masters back, and that led to the deluxe edition to be released. The deluxe edition has two bonus tracks, new artwork, and a documentary.”

In terms of whether there will ever be a Cinderella reunion, Keifer stated: “I’m pleased where I’m at now. There’s been a lot of issues over the course of decades and build up that is beyond repair at this point. So, there won’t be any reunion. I am renewed and inspired and loving the band that I’m in now and are working on and what we’re doing. We’re having a good time, and the new music’s been received well. It’s been unexpected because the first year of it started slow and we just stuck with it. I think that’s the key to anything if you’re happy doing something and you love it, and it inspires you. You do it for that reason not how many people are in the room or how much money you make and then if you continue to do it for the right reason which it’s something you love, and you inspire you’ll see around the corner and have the success. But I think it starts with the right reasons, and I always felt the chemistry. Everyone’s dedication to the new band to this has always felt like for the right reasons.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Keifer at All That Shreds.