Tom Werman Calls Nikki Sixx’s Book “Stunningly Inaccurate”


February 25, 2008

Alan Light’s description in his review of “The Heroin Diaries” (Jan. 27, viewable at of the heroin-besotted Nikki Sixx as “bratty and self-destructive” is on the money, but having been there and having read the book, I would go with “totally deluded” or perhaps “stunningly inaccurate.”

As the producer of three Motley Crue albums over a four-year period, I found Sixx’s allegation that in the recording studio he did “all the work” with Vince Neal’s vocals while I chatted idly on the phone not only humorous but pure fiction.

If this distortion of reality is the result of Sixx’s past heroin habit, then his diary is truly nothing more than a pipe dream, and the events to which this book refers may simply be the needle-induced fantasies of an attention-starved junkie.

Tom Werman
Lenox, Mass.

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