Tom Zutaut explains ‘The Dirt’ movie scene where Vince Neil had sex with his girlfriend

Tom Zutaut explains ‘The Dirt’ movie scene where Vince Neil had sex with his girlfriend

Former Elektra Records executive Tom Zutaut was recently interviewed by Billboard on the occasion of the Netflix release of The Dirt movie about Mötley Crüe.

In terms of the movie scene where Vince Neil has sex with his girlfriend, Zutaut advised:

“I’ll put it this way. For 20 years, I didn’t even know that it happened. All I knew was that we went to the [1983] US Festival and we were having a good time at the show. She went to use the restroom or something, and I lost her. Then Mötley’s set ended and I went backstage to look for her. It was nuts. There was a backstage area with a bunch of trailers and mobile homes. I went to Mötley’s dressing room and the security guys would not let me in. Finally, they [did] and I still couldn’t find her. I found her maybe a half hour later, sort of standing outside a hospitality area. When we got back [to our La Quinta Inn], she seemed really upset about something. I kept asking her what was wrong, and she would say “nothing,” but then she was like, “I’m going to stay on the couch tonight.”

We’d been together for almost a year; it was a pretty serious relationship. We’d been to some events with the band and they clearly knew that this was not just a date. This was someone who I cared a lot about, that I loved, that I was in a serious relationship with. The thought never crossed my mind that anything like that would happen. That she would do it on her end, and that someone like Vince would even try to do that. The next morning, we got in the car and she was like, “I have to break up with you, this relationship isn’t working out.” We drove back to my place, she grabbed her stuff and I drove her home to her parents’ house in San Diego. And that was pretty much it.

Then, 20 years later, Neil Strauss fact checks the book with me and he brings this whole thing up. I’m like, “Wow.’ I was wondering what had happened. I never really understood it.”

In regard to whether he has been in touch with that ex-girlfriend, Zutaut indicated: “Nobody can find her. Maybe with this movie, she’ll surface, or her parents will surface, and we’ll be able to hear her side of the story. The only people that really know the truth would have to be the band, because apparently it happened in the band’s trailer and they were all in there when it happened. I think there is some reference to them not telling me because they were afraid that they would lose their record deal. It’s a mystery I would love to solve one day.”

In terms of whether Vince Neil apologized to him at any point, Zutaut advised: “Vince has pretty much avoided me since the revelation came out. The right thing for Vince to do would be to apologize to me, but that’s really on his shoulders. We’re talking about something that happened a long, long time ago. (Neil did not respond to Billboard’s request for a comment.)”

You can read the rest of the interview with Tom Zutaut at Billboard’s website.