TomCat Release Debut Video “Adrenaline”

TomCat Release Debut Video “Adrenaline”

February 13, 2014

TomCat, an up and coming rock band from Ljubljana, Slovenia, have released a video for “Adrenaline”, from their debut album ‘Bits N’ Pieces’. Released on March 1, 2013 through On Parole Productions, the ten track album is currently available for purchase and preview at

TomCat was formed by ex-members of Glenn Moore, Strock and Cyclone in the autumn of 2010. The beginning of their story is quite typical — playing local shows and suffering many line-up changes. Through all this turmoil, TomCat managed to solidify the band with Denis Jambrosic (vocals), Rok Barle (guitar), Gregor Sujica (bass) and Ziga Ravselj (drums) and began writing material for their debut album. When it came to the recording of ‘Bits N’ Pieces’, TomCat chose to work with people their own age. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in Safe & Sound Studio by Beny Kic and Matej Susnik (both members of Metalsteel, Sabbath Judas Sabbath). Since The album’s release the band have added a second guitarist in Greg Zagar.

TomCat walk on the thin line between classic hard rock and ’70s heavy metal, and at the same they are not hiding the fact they are influenced by big names of the ’80s. Apart from that, TomCat showcases sophisticated musical expression, fueled by youthful energy, sincerity, creativity and unbridled life will.

TomCat really don’t need hairspray, fancy clothes or glamourous stage names — just jeans and leather. On ‘Bits N’ Pieces’, they won’t bother you with philosophy or teach you how to live, just tell you ten stories about life around them. Actually, about life all around us. Relax, it’s only rock ‘n’ roll and they believe you will like it!

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