Tommy Lee Getting Frisky With Reality Star Natasha Komis


March 30, 2009

Rock stars get older, but their groupies hardly age. According to insiders, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, 46, is getting frisky with sultry punk rocker and former MTV reality show contestant Natasha Komis, 24.

“Natasha was backstage with Tommy at the Motley Crue concert” at Madison Square Garden the other night, said an eyewitness. “Tommy had kegs of Jagermeister everywhere, and Natasha was all over him. She was following him around like a puppy dog.” A spokesperson for Lee could not be reached.

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Natasha Komis replied to the allegations on her MySpace page (;

“Great laugh today when while driving through New York City, on my way to a meeting, I got bombarded with texts about me being in an article in ‘Page 6’.

What now??!! 2 Greeks in one article, u know that’s trouble.

First, of course I was at MSG at the Motley Crue concert!!! And hell yah Tommy and I are friends. He is like me in guy form! Press always manages to twist things around… The groupie thing is hilarious, considering if u knew anything about me, I am NO kiss ass and Tommy is not a shallow person.

Tommy is one of the free-est souls I have ever met, I am so happy someone like him exists!! He doesn’t give a fuck and is always himself.

And lastly what did you expect me to be around??!! The captain of the football team?!!”

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