Tommy Lee Settles Lawsuit With Former Assistant

Tommy Lee Settles Lawsuit With Former Assistant

February 23, 2012

Rocker Tommy Lee has agreed to pay a former assistant $400,000 and issue a public apology to settle a dispute over unpaid wages.

According to, Michael Sullivan launched legal action against the Motley Crue star in December, claiming he was regularly asked to be “on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week” during his six-year employment with Lee, but did not receive full payment for the extra hours worked.

Sullivan, whose job was terminated in March, 2011, had only asked for $50,000 in damages for “lost profits and business opportunities”, but he has now landed a bumper compensation packet to put an end to the lawsuit.

The settlement also staved off a potential embarrassment for Tommy as Tony had teamed up with the drummer’s ex-wife Pamela Anderson, who was prepared to swear under oath that she contracted hepatitis C through a tattoo needle she shared with Lee.

According to Star magazine, Lee has also agreed to publicly apologies to Sullivan.

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