Tommy Lee Threatened With Lawsuit Over Drum Roller Coaster

Tommy Lee Threatened With Lawsuit Over Drum Roller Coaster

August 16, 2012

Tommy Lee Threatened With Lawsuit Over Drum Roller CoasterTommy Lee stole the idea behind his awesome upside-down rollercoaster drum solo — so says an engineer from L.A., who claims he pitched the idea for the concert stunt back in 1991… and Lee ripped him off. reports that the engineer — a guy named Scott King — fired off a legal letter to Motley Crue’s lawyers recently, claiming Lee turned down his pitch 20 years ago then jacked the drum-coaster idea for Motley Crue’s 2011 tour.

King claims he never got a cent from the band — and now, he’s out for payback. If push comes to shove, King says he’ll sue.

But Lee’s attorneys aren’t budging — firing off their own letter in response, insisting King never pitched squat to Lee, and even if he did, King’s rollercoaster model (which tracked all over the stage) is nothing like the stationary “drum ring” used by Lee at his concerts.

So far, no lawsuit has been filed.

Meanwhile the Motley Crue drummer just fired off a letter to SeaWorld — accusing the park of keeping Tilikum the whale in captivity because, “he is your chief sperm bank.”

Tilikum — as you may know — made national headlines for being involved in the deaths of three people.

But Tommy is especially pissed about the way he believes SeaWorld extracts semen from Tilikum — saying, “We know from SeaWorld’s own director of safety (as well as videos on the web) that the way you get his sperm is by having someone get into the pool and masturbate him with a cow’s vagina filled with hot water.”

Lee continues, “Even in my wildest days with Motley Crue, I never could’ve imagined something so sick and twisted.”

Tommy and his friends at PETA have called for the whale’s release into the wild. SeaWorld has always maintained that the animals receive expert care at its parks.

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