Tommy London releases video for single “Sugar Red”

Tommy London releases video for single “Sugar Red”

The Dirty Pearls singer Tommy London has released a video for his debut solo single “Sugar Red” from his upcoming debut solo album Emotional Fuse, which is slated for a release this summer.

The single “Sugar Red” was previously released back in early January 2018.

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx back in early January 2018, London advised how his solo material differs from The Dirty Pearls‘ material as he stated: “Well there are a few songs on the album that some people might argue that they could have been Dirty Pearls‘ songs but that’s mostly because I was the main writer in the Pearls so that element will always be there in some way shape or form, ya know? But there are some songs that really lean towards a more pop side of things. My debut single “Sugar Red” really represents the albums perfectly because it has both of those elements in it, rock and pop.”

In terms of how long that the song “Sugar Red” had been in the making, London advised: “Well, my guitar player, Matt Hogan, and I had been writing for about a year and half/two years before we went into the studio with producer John Fields (Pink, Jimmy Eat World) last January and recorded the album. Feels good to finally be releasing a song! I couldn’t wait for everyone to hear what we were working on.”

Tommy London‘s “Sugar Red” video:

Tommy London – Sugar Red

Music Video “Sugar Red” By Tommy LondonDirected By Tommy LondonDirector Of Photography – Tony IannuzziProduced By AJI MediaActress: Danielle Tyler”Sugar Red”…