Tora Tora added to final edition of Rock N Skull Festival in October 2017

Tora Tora added to final edition of Rock N Skull Festival in October 2017

Big news for Tora Tora fans and sleaze rock fans in general as the Rock N Skull Festival has announced that Tora Tora have been added to the third day of the festival, which will take place on October 29, 2017.

Sleaze Roxx attended the Rock N Skull Festival last year and stated as follows about Tora Tora frontman Anthony Corder‘s solo acoustic performance: “One band that I absolutely loved growing up was Tora Tora. The group’s two albums, Surprise Attack (1989) and Wild America (1991), that were released back in the day still get regular rotation among albums that I like to listen to from the ’80s / early ’90s. I was pleased a number of years ago when FnA Records finally released Tora Tora‘s long lost album Revolution Day along with three other albums of demos. No need to say that all those albums are in my record collection. There is also no need to say that I was completely stoked to hear Corder play his acoustic set. It would have been much better to have Tora Tora play a plugged in set but given that this was my first time seeing any member of Tora Tora play live, the late addition to the Rock N Skull of having Corder play an acoustic set was still a highly anticipated event for me.

Corder‘s voice was still very good after all these years. He did seemingly bypass a few notes that he would have sung on songs from one of Tora Tora‘s first two albums but then again, he did play an acoustic set so the song arrangements were a bit different. Corder seemed VERY appreciative to be up on stage and was all smiles when he was hearing the crowd sing along with him. Corder ended up playing two songs from each of Tora Tora‘s three studio albums. The highlights were definitely “Nowhere To Go But Down” (from the criminally underrated Wild America) and the final two punch of “Phantom Rider” and “Walkin’ Shoes.” What a fantastic acoustic set from Corder! I am appealing right now to Rock N Skull organizer Justin Murr to get Tora Tora to play the 2017 edition of Rock N Skull!”

Rock N Skull Festival organizer Justin Murr announced as follows on the event’s Facebook page earlier today: “Can’t wait to Saturday to announce ….. we lost Wildside but are excited to add Tora Tora on that Sunday in Oct.”

In other news, the Rock N Skull Festival has also added Livesay to its third day. Livesay played last year’s edition of Rock N Skull and will be with a new singer by the name of Mike Gill.

Anthony Corder performing “Walkin’ Shoes” at Rock N Skull on October 28, 2016:

Anthony Corder: Walkin’ Shoes

Live at Rock ‘N Skull 2016 at the Tree of Joliet10/28/16