Tora Tora release lyric video for single “Let Us Be One” from album ‘Bastards of Beale’

Tora Tora release lyric video for single “Let Us Be One” from album ‘Bastards of Beale’

Tennessee, USA based rockers Tora Tora consisting of frontman Anthony Corder, guitarist Keith Douglas, bassist Patrick Francis and drummer John Patterson have unveiled a lyric video for their single “Let Us Be One” from their latest studio album Bastards of Beale, which was released via Frontiers Music Srl back on February 22, 2019.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Bastards of Beale:

“While Sleaze Roxx writer Tyson Briden felt that a review of Bastards of Beale was not warranted given that the album could simply be summed up as “fantastic”, I will step up to the plate since one word album reviews simply aren’t enough to give you a flavour of what an album is all about. First off, you should know that I have been a big fan of Tora Tora ever since I heard their debut full-length album Surprise Attack way back in 1989. It’s still in my mind one of the great debut albums of all-time. Wild America was a more bluesy affair but still had some catchy tunes such as “Amnesia.” Revolution Day, when it was eventually released by FnA Records in 2011, had Tora Tora go in an even bluesier route and unfortunately, although the songs were good, there was nothing that truly stood out like on Surprise Attack or Wild America aside from perhaps “Mississippi Voodoo Child.” Bastards of Beale has a real live feel to it, and particularly the drums, and as Corder explained in his two part interview with Sleaze Roxx, this was done on purpose.

As previously mentioned, there is no question that Tora Tora have retained their classic sound and they are one of only a handful of bands from the ’80s to release more than three albums while always retaining their trademark quality sound. I find Bastards of Beale to be kind of in between Wild America and Revolution Day in that it is a peppier affair than the bluesy Revolution Day but it does not have the catchiness of some of the songs on Wild America. No need to say that the new songs are nowhere close to the many anthems that can be found on Surprise Attack. That being said, there is a real swagger to a lot of the songs on Bastards of Beale and as a whole, the album is very enjoyable to listen to.”

Tora Tora‘s “Let Us Be One” lyric video: