Tora Tora reveal secret on having kept four original band members together for more than 30 years

Tora Tora reveal secret on having kept four original band members together for more than 30 years

Tora Tora were recently interviewed by Hair Band Heaven and spoke about their secret to having kept the four original band members together in the group for more than 30 years.

The group stated: “We are family. I have one sister and those guys are my brothers. Keith and Patrick have known each other since they were eight years old. All of us met in high school, so we literally grew up together. Through the good, bad and ugly, they have always been around. Like most relationships that ebb and flow over time, we have had some time away from each other. We stayed connected, we always pick up right where we have left off. We went through as musicians/artist something in life that was like being hit by lighting. We went through the highs and lows together, something very special about getting to go for a dream together. We are lucky (knock on wood), that we have been able to stay friends and get to do something that we love together….the music keeps us together.”

In terms of whether the music industry these days is in good shape or not, Tora Tora opined: “This is a great question, we have more people that in the history of the world listening to music. Our problem is how to we get their attention, everyone is capable of making music and promotion. Technology has made the world a smaller  place, so I think having direct contact with our fans, they are our family, it makes me feels like we are in a good place. We want to share our music with them, get out to play shows and hang with the our tribe, the “TORA TRIBE”. The concerns for most artists/musicians is revenue streams particularly, how we are paid royalties. Legislation is happing especially a win Music Modernization Act moving along to help insure that music-makers/creators get paid. It’s in a transition period, but I just hope that anyone out there that has a passion for making music can be self-sufficient. It is a hard road to being a full time musician. Let’s keep them encouraged and support them.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Tora Tora at Hair Band Heaven.

Tora Tora‘s “Guilty” video:

tora tora- guilty

tora tora guilty