Tora Tora unveil lyric video for “Silence The Sirens”

Tora Tora unveil lyric video for “Silence The Sirens”

Tennessee, USA rockers Tora Tora have unveiled a lyric video for their song “Silence The Sirens” from their latest studio album Bastards of Beale, which was released via Frontiers Music Srl back on February 22, 2019.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Bastards of Beale:

“As previously mentioned, there is no question that Tora Tora have retained their classic sound and they are one of only a handful of bands from the ’80s to release more than three albums while always retaining their trademark quality sound. I find Bastards of Beale to be kind of in between Wild America and Revolution Day in that it is a peppier affair than the bluesy Revolution Day but it does not have the catchiness of some of the songs on Wild America. No need to say that the new songs are nowhere close to the many anthems that can be found on Surprise Attack. That being said, there is a real swagger to a lot of the songs on Bastards of Beale and as a whole, the album is very enjoyable to listen to. There is however no standout track like a “Guilty” or “Walkin’ Shoes” to really propel the album to be an “album of the year.”

I have to say that I am quite impressed with the musicianship on the album. Keith Douglas‘ guitar playing in particular is very good with some solid guitar riffs and solos. Anthony Corder, unlike many of his contemporaries, has kept his voice in fantastic shape and he sounds just like he did 30 years ago. The rhythm section of Patrick Francis and John Patterson is solid on Bastards of Beale and allows Corder and Douglas to shine. My favourites on the the album are “Son of a Prodigal Son” (which reminds me a bit of the Tragically Hip), the peppier “Everbright”, “Giants Fall” despite its underwhelming chorus section, and “Rose of Jericho” which is probably the biggest throwback to Tora Tora in their heyday.”

Tora Tora‘s “Silence The Sirens” lyric video:

Tora Tora “Silence The Sirens” (Lyric Video) #ToraTora #SilenceTheSirens #BastardsOfBeale

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