Toxic Heart Release Debut Album And Video


October 12, 2009

Are you ready for some stunning glam/hard rock? Metal Revelation proudly presents Toxic Heart and their debut CD ‘Ride Your Life’, out now! Get all the info at and order your own copy today.

Toxic Heart’s new video for song “Big Time” featuring MX Freestyle rider Primoz Pavsic can be viewed below.

TOXIC HEART : Glam/Hard Rock from Slovenia! – HQ (home base for rehearsals) is where it all began in 2007. The main reasons for forming this band were the same for all four members, ie, create the best songs, with the best hooks, giving their fans the best positive good feeling to remember. No matter what the odds, in their blood was the essence of great musicians, just waiting to pool their talents together and ROCK!!

The band ( at that point Mike, Rider, Mogy ) then locked themselves into HQ for the next ten days, (food and water provided by friends, family, and the local Red Cross) not once leaving until they emerged with at least 6 new songs which just needed a powerful vocalist, one who could bring their wonderful songs and vision to life. Enter Axl !! The missing piece of the puzzle had arrived.

During live-shows, the band felt the public’s great response to their new music, and became highly motivated to take the band to the next level. They recorded a new song, ‘Ride Your Life’, and added a video to it.

‘Ride Your Life’ is more than just a song title, it is a motto for any generation whether young or older. What ever age you are at right now, could be ‘The best age of your life’. Sometimes you just have to let go and ‘Ride Your Life’, and not let your life ride you. This good feeling is what the band is attempting to spread. This is their music – great, catchy, and memorable hook laden songs, coupled with fantastic musicianship with a great positive message. Truly, what the world is really in need of today!

After recording their debut-album “Ride Your Life”, a brand-new video for the song “Big Time” was shot. In that process, Mogy left the band and was replaced on drums by GG. TOXIC HEART has a direct message for their fans and is ready to go out now ! Toxic Heart is here to spread good times, positive energy and “Life is here to Enjoy” – way of thinking.

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