Tracii Guns and L.A. Guns’ Phil Lewis to tour together in 2017 and maybe more…

Tracii Guns and L.A. Guns’ Phil Lewis to tour together in 2017 and maybe more…

Stranger things have happened in rock n’ roll and it looks like Tracii Guns perhaps could be back in L.A. Guns with Phil Lewis in 2017.

Tracii Guns contractThe following message was posted today on the new Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis Facebook page with a photo of a hand signing some sort of contract: “Never Say Never.”

The dynamic duo have already scheduled a handful of dates where they will be playing together as a duo.

Guns and Lewis are scheduled to play at the Hair Nation Rock Fest in Irvine, California, USA on September 17, 2016 and they are the headliners for the Rock N. Skull pre-party in Joliet, Illinois, USA on October 27, 2016.

The duo have also postponed three South American dates (in Buenos Aires and Rosario, Argentina as well as Sao Paulo, Brazil) until the spring of 2017 so that as their Facebook page indicates, “to make time for a more complete South American Tour.”

Guns and Lewis played together in L.A. Guns for many years during two different stints and on the following albums: L.A. Guns (1988), Cocked & Loaded (1989), Hollywood Vampires (1991), Live! Vampires (1992), Vicious Circle (1994), Live: A Night On The Strip (2000), Cocked & Re-Loaded (2000), Man In The Moon (2001) and Waking The Dead (2002).

Tracii Guns photo 2The website reported back on May 13, 2015:

“In his appearance on May 12th’s Another FN Podcast With Izzy Presley, Tracii Guns opened up about everything while not only telling us that there is a Devil City Angels record in the can and they will be shooting a video in June along with Gunzo dates and new music from them in the future, but he also talked about his relationship with Phil Lewis of LA Guns.

Phil and I never really had any real bad blood, we had some cat fights and stuff like that” Tracii said. “There is actually a little plan right now where him and Gunzo may actually do something out of the country for a minute together, so there is all kinds of possibilities, but the reality of what Phil or I would call an L.A. Guns reunion, that probably won’t ever happen. but there is good chance you will see even possibly new music from Phil and I certainly at some point. As long as we are living we certainly will be on stage again at some point together” he continued.

When asked what it was like to get on stage with him after 11 years at a Sin City Sinners gig in las Vegas, Tracii said it was very comfortable and they both do L.A. Guns very well. They had been in touch because Phil had just moved to Vegas and Tracii was living in a hotel while working a gig there for a year. Phil has since joined Gunzo on stage for Ballad Of Jayne in Vegas in April…

He was also asked about touring as L.A. Guns and having two versions of the band. He said it never felt like L.A. Guns. When people see a guy who used to be in a band playing the music he created with different musicians in a live setting it is cool but if you are using that name and the voice is different, people want to hear the voice.”