Trench Dogs replace rhythm guitarist Howard “Spides” Chapman with Erwan “Stone” Lengliné

Photo by Annelie Tottie

Trench Dogs replace rhythm guitarist Howard “Spides” Chapman with Erwan “Stone” Lengliné

Swedish rockers Trench Dogs consisting of frontman Andy Hekkandi, lead guitarist Mattias Johansson, drummer Martin ‘Martini’ Andersson and bassist Daniel Ekholm have announced that their rhythm guitarist Howard “Spides” Chapman has left the band and is being replaced by Erwan “Stone” Lengliné. The Trench Dogs released a new studio album titled Stockholmiana via Wild Kingdom / Sound Pollution back on March 3, 2023.

The following message was posted on Trench Dogs‘ Facebook page earlier today:


Things have been a bit quiet from us lately and here’s the reason why.

Our long time rhythm guitarist Howard “Spides” Chapman has decided that his time in Trench Dogs has come to an end.

We respect his decision to focus on other things and thank him for his contributions to this band over the years. Everything from beeing a great guitarist, to filming music videos and organising photo shoots, as well as doing all the driving while touring the UK ( because the rest of us were scared to drive on the WRONG side of the road 😉)

On a happier note we are all still very focused on keeping the show going so we set out to find a new guitarist…

And find one we did!

So we would like you all to welcome our new rhythm guitarist Erwan “Stone” Lengliné!! 💥

Stone has previously played in bands such as Sparkle Kick and Lustboys of Eden. He’s a hell of a guitarist with his own style and groove and will be a great contribution to the band.

In typical Trench Dogs fashion we have keept up the tradition of having a mix of nationalities in the band so this time we found ourselves a French guy! 🇨🇵 (guess the French Dogs bit is more accurate than we thought!)

We’re all very excited for this new chapter in the Trench Dogs saga and we can’t wait to get this new line up out there to play for you guys!

Our first show with Stone will be on the 29th of July in Stockholm, more info on that soon!

So make sure to show the new guy some love and we’ll see you all soon!

Trench Dogs

Photo by: Annelie Tottie

Trench Dogs‘ “Maroon” video: