Triggerz Release “Believe” Music Video

Triggerz Release “Believe” Music Video

April 17, 2012

Brazilian rockers Triggerz have posted a music video for their new single “Believe”. The song, along with “Better Than You” and two live tracks, are available for free download at

The band formed in early 2008 under the name T.R.I.S before changing it to Triggerz in 2010. Triggerz are inspired by groups ranging from ’80s bands like Skid Row and Warrant to new school artists such as Backyard Babies and Buckcherry.

And after many changes Triggerz settled on the line-up of Roxx (vocals), LeVs (rhythm guitar), Pepo (drums), Zell (bass) and Shad (lead guitar). The band have finally started to record their debut EP, which will be released later this year. Triggerz can be found at

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