Trixy Tang release new self-titled album

Trixy Tang release new self-titled album

Michigan, USA hard rockers Trixy Tang released their new self-titled studio album on April 30, 2019.

Track List for Trixy Tang:
01. Fade Away
02. Lust
03. Jealousy
04. Sunday Cruisin’
05. My Life
06. After Party
07. Whiskey Women
08. Mother Mary
09. Rollin
10. Rock Me Pop Me
11. My Night

Trixy Tang‘s “Story” on their Facebook page states in part (with slight edits):

Trixy Tang is a hard rock band hailing from Grand Rapids, MI.

The Tang bring back the looks and sounds from a decade of decadence while doing so in their own unique fashion. Spanning genres from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and even modern hits, Trixy Tang plays to all of the listener’s favorites while keeping them entertained and on their feet all night long.

Trixy Tang not only performs the party favorites from the heyday everyone enjoyed but also performs their own original music with a large influence from the 80s. Trixy Tang’s EP “Sunday Cruisin” is now available, and the band is excited to be back in Memphis, TN in the summer of 2018 to finish their full-length album.

The group has been honored to have performed on big stages all over sharing the bill with our influences such as: Jackyl, Stryper, Great White, Warrant, LA Guns, Sebastian Bach, Dokken, Faster Pussycat, and so many more.

With nearly 48 weeks of performances throughout each year, it’s the reason they say “The Party Never Stops.”

Trixy Tang‘s “Sunday Cruisin”” video:

Trixy Tang – Sunday Cruisin’ (Official Video)

From the new EP Sunday Cruisin’ available now!Spotify: https://www.trixytang.comVideo by White Kn…