Tuff shaking off the rust for upcoming Monsters of Rock Cruise appearance

Tuff shaking off the rust for upcoming Monsters of Rock Cruise appearance

The Monsters of Rock Cruise is about to set sail on February 9, 2022 after having to postpone last year’s edition due to the ongoing Covid pandemic. The 2022 edition features headliner Alice Cooper along with many other artists and/or bands including Dangerous Toys, Eclipse, Hardcore Superstar, John Corabi, L.A. Guns, Skid Row and Tom Keifer.

A number of additional bands and/or artists have recently been added including Bad Marriage, Enuff Z’Nuff and Tuff. While the Monsters of Rock Cruise is a great opportunity to see some of their favorite bands, the reality is that the Covid pandemic has caused many bands to be unable to practice and/or play shows during the last two years. That is especially the case for a band such as Tuff where the band members are spread out across different states throughout the United States of America.

The following message was posted on Rachelle‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Dear MORC Cruisers

I’ve got some Good News and some Bad News.

I haven’t played a Live show in 23 months, Tuff haven’t played (or rehearsed) in 3 years and this lineup hadn’t played together since 2016!

And after tonight’s rehearsal I’ve determined my Vocals are somewhere between Don Dokken and a local bowling alley kareoke star! 🤪

As for the guys, I’d fire them all, but I already turned in their names for a cabin assignment, so they’ll have to do.

With that said…

The Good News is, we all Passed our Covid tests.

The Bad News is, you are now stuck with us for the duration.

See ya on the ship… 🤣

Stevie Rachelle Tuff / Vocals
Todd Chaisson / Bass
Billy Morris / Guitars
Tod T Burr / Drums”