Twisted Sister to release CD with live shows from back in bar days

Twisted Sister to release CD with live shows from back in bar days

In a recent interview with Rock Cellar Magazine, Twisted Sister founder and guitarist Jay Jay French announced that the group will be releasing a CD with live shows from back in its bar days.

The following is an excerpt from the interview by Rock Cellar Magazine:

What is the status of Twisted Sister as an ongoing entity in 2016?

Jay Jay French: This year is our 40th anniversary of me, Dee and Eddie together and this is it; this is the end. We’re playing some shows and that’s it. It’s the “40 and Fuck It” tour. (laughs)

Is it bittersweet for you?

Jay Jay French: Well, I don’t know. We already ended it once before and ended it for 12 years and got back together again. The reunion lasted a lot longer than I thought it was gonna last. The reunion has gone on 13 years.

I thought the reunion would last two years so it’s really gone on a long time. We’ve accomplished an awful lot and released a lot of product. I mean the movie is coming out this year and we have a CD coming up with some live shows from back in the bar days. There’s a lot that is going on.

It’s kind of like the last five minutes of a fireworks display as far as the history of Twisted Sister is concerned. When people doubt that this is the end I tell them they shouldn’t doubt it. It is the end. I don’t foresee us playing ever again.

These dates are it but there’ll be plenty of product out there. But I think that the shelf life of the band live has reached end that’s why the tour is aptly titled.

You can read the entire interview at Rock Cellar Magazine.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Twisted Sister movie We Are Twisted F***ing Sister!: “This film didn’t move the needle much for me. I’m wondering how this would go over with the casual fans that just know the Stay Hungry video hits. As a fan of the band, I’m curious about the story on how Jay Jay French “lost control” of the band and how Snider essentially became Twisted Sister. We caught glimpses of this in the film but obviously when you’re focusing on a particular era, you’re locked into what transpired during that time. We Are Twisted Sister F***ing Sister! is worth watching once and the additional disc of bonus material is worth wading through and adds a little more value for the viewer.”

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