Two “original” Crashdïet members temporarily sidelined but the band to continue touring

Two “original” Crashdïet members temporarily sidelined but the band to continue touring

First it was drummer Eric Young who “stepped down indefinitely” from his live duties with Crashdïet in April 2022. Young has not yet returned to the Crashdïet touring line-up. It is now bassist Peter London‘s turn. The bassist has apparently been suffering from burnout since June 2022 and is no longer able to continue touring with Crashdïet for the time being. This leaves guitarist Martin Sweet as the only “original” member still currently active as a touring Crashdïet member.

Sweet, London and Young along with lead vocalist Dave Lepard released Crashdïet‘s debut self-titled EP in 2004 and their revered debut full-length album Rest In Sleaze in 2005. Lepard sadly committed suicide at the age of 25 on January 20, 2006. Sweet, London and Young eventually elected to forge ahead as Crashdïet with various singers along the way. The group has to be considered one of the best sleaze rock bands of the last two decades.

Crashdïet‘s Newsletter Issue #10 states:

“Hi everybody 🙂

I feel it’s my duty to give you all an update on my health issues.

I have been on a full-time sick leave since June last year due to burnout.

And recovery has gone slower than expected.

At this time, bringing me on tour in this shape would be too big of a risk for all parts, but I really want the show to go on, so the guys have found the perfect stand-in for me: Sam Söderlindh (Corroded, Dampf), and I know he will do the bass player duties perfectly. I’ve played with him a few times in other projects and he’s a great guy with fantastic musical skills.

Furthermore, Martin‘s brother Michael (ToxicRose) will rejoin the band on drums for the upcoming shows. And as you all know he has stepped in numerous times in the past for CRASHDÏET.

The boys have been rehearsing intensively for the upcoming Stockholm shows as well as Australia the following week. It is sounding amazing!

I am optimistic about coming back as soon as my health will allow it.

Thank you all for understanding!

Much love

Peter London”