Two Phoenix In Flames members to be part of Chris Holmes’ backing band for upcoming Canadian tour

Two Phoenix In Flames members to be part of Chris Holmes’ backing band for upcoming Canadian tour

Phoenix In Flames lead vocalist / bassist Cornelius Black and guitarist Paul Black will be part of legendary W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes‘ backing band for the latter’s comprehensive tour of Canada from April 16, 2020 to May 9, 2020.

Cornelius Black

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Cornelius explained how they got the gig as he stated: “A few years ago, I played bass for Rusted on the US leg of their first American tour with Hessler, who had just released Ghost Dance. When the tour reached Canada, Phoenix In Flames was added on the bill for the first few shows. Igz [Kincaid] from Hessler told me that my voice would fit well with W.A.S.P. songs. He’s a cool guy and we stayed friends after the tour so when Chris‘ wife [Cathy-Sarah Holmes] told him she was looking for touring musicians in Canada, Igz told her about us. When Cathy added me on Facebook, I knew something big was going on. It’s such an honor for us to play with Chris!”

Cornelius announced yesterday via Facebook that he would be singing some W.A.S.P. songs during the upcoming tour with the following comment: “Hey Canada! Wanna hear me sing some W.A.S.P. Nation (Official) tunes?”

Paul Black

In terms of whether he will feel pressure to sing songs from such an iconic frontman as Blackie Lawless, Cornelius advised: “Yes, I will be singing most of the W.A.S.P. material during the tour. Blackie Lawless has a great vocal range and a powerful voice. I worked very hard on my vocal techniques over the past few years and I feel I’m ready to deliver the goods more than ever before. I’m taking my vocal duties seriously and I think that Chris is not looking for someone who will imitate Blackie anyway. We will play songs that Chris wrote in W.A.S.P. and during his solo career, mostly classics. I think the crowd will enjoy the setlist very much.”

Phoenix In Flames have released four albums to date — Rise From The Ashes EP (2013), Howling For Power EP (2014), Lookout! (2017) and Phoenix In Flames (2019). With respect to Phoenix In Flames‘ origins and a brief overview of the band’s history, Cornelius indicated: “Phoenix In Flames are a hard rock and heavy metal band from a small town near Montreal. The sound of the band elvolved from ’70s hard rock to ’80s metal over the years, always keeping in touch with some modern influences. Evolution in musicianship and line-up changes resulted in an obvious disparity between every release but we feel that our latest self-titled album will be a good starting point from where we can build. We are also committed to always give an energetic live performance. We believe that shows are even more meaningful than records in heavy metal music.”

Chris Holmes’ Canadian Tour Dates 2020:
Apr. 16th — Quebec City, Quebec — L’anti Bar Spectacles
Apr. 17th — Montreal, Quebec — Piranha Bar
Apr. 18th — Ottawa, Ontario — The Brass Monkey
Apr. 21st — TBA
Apr. 22nd — London, Ontario — Call The Office
Apr. 23rd — TBA
Apr. 24th — Toronto, Ontario — The Rockpile
Apr. 25th — Sudbury, Ontario — The Asylum
Apr. 29th — TBA
Apr. 30th — TBA
May 1st — Red Deer, Alberta — The Krossing
May 2nd — Edmonton, Alberta — Shakers Roadhouse
May 6th — Vancouver, British Columbia — The Astoria
May 7th — Kamloops, British Columbia — The Blue Grotto
May 9th — Victoria, British Columbia — Upstairs Cabaret

Phoenix In Flames‘ “Hidden Hearts” video (from Phoenix In Flames album):

Phoenix in Flames – Hidden Hearts

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