Tygers Of Pan Tang To Release Next Album WIth Rocksector Records

Tygers Of Pan Tang To Release Next Album WIth Rocksector Records

July 17, 2011

Tygers Of Pan Tang have signed an agreement with Rocksector Records for the worldwide release of their next studio album, with a current working title of ‘Ambush’, provisionally planned for February/March 2012.

‘NWOBHM legends’ is perhaps a phrase thrown around a little too often in the 21st century but this is one of the fully deserving and appropriate cases, not least because of this band’s original impact on the metal scene of the early 1980s but also due to the dignified & quietly confident way they’ve worked their way back during the past few years since re-grouping.

You only have to look at the press coverage of the band’s last full album, 2008’s ‘Animal Instinct’, to appreciate the Tygers’ current position… “a pedigree album, combining the rough ‘n’ readiness of the early Wild Cat-era of the band with the glossy approach when they had John Sykes on guitar.. if I was thinking of buying ‘Good To Be Bad’ (Whitesnake), ‘Songs From The Sparkle Lounge’ (Def Leppard) or ‘Animal Instinct’ and I only had enough money for one CD, I might just plump for this one” — 8/10. Geoff Barton, Classic Rock.

Tygers Of Pan Tang hit success quite rapidly after being formed in 1978 by guitarist Robb Weir, now the sole remaining original member, Brian Dick (drums), Rocky (Richard Laws – bass) and Jess Cox (vocals). A major record deal was secured with MCA for their debut album ‘Wild Cat’ in 1980. Later that year John Sykes (later of Whitesnake & Thin Lizzy) was added as an additional guitarist. John Deverill replaced Jess Cox as vocalist for the classic album ‘Spellbound’ in 1981, followed by further albums ‘Crazy Nights’ and ‘Caged’ in 1982. A worldwide hit was achieved with the famous “Love Potion No.9” yet disagreements with the label followed, leading to the disintegration of the band soon after.

In 2001, Robb Weir decided to reform the band, simply wanting to play the music he loves and to play for the fans who he had remained close to. The new line-up was Dean Robertson (lead guitar), Brian West (bass) and Craig Ellis (drums) who remain to this day and are by far the longest serving members in the band’s history along with Robb. In 2004 the fantastic previously-unknown Italian vocalist Jacopo Meille was approached, joined the band, and remains to this day.

Tygers Of Pan Tang will begin recording around September, looking towards a release in the first quarter of 2012.

For more information please visit www.tygersofpantang.com/official and www.rocksector.com.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.rocksector.com