Tyketto Announce ‘Around The World In 18 Days’ 2009 Tour


December 5, 2008

Tyketto vocalist Danny Vaughn has issued the following update at www.myspace.com/vaughnband.

Just when I thought my life was calming down some, it’s all gotten even crazier! I’ve got a lot to share with you about solo shows, new cds, old cds, TYKETTO shows and ILLEGAL EAGLE shows so sit back and get comfortable!

First off, I want to remind everybody about the Danny Vaughn Unplugged semi acoustic Christmas Bash!!! A lot has changed since we first had the idea of making these acoustic Christmas shows of mine a small tradition. We are doing 2 shows, Dec. 12th at JB’s in DUDLEY, UK and Dec. 13th at THE CLUNY in NEWCASTLE UK. The band is now a 5 man line up with myself and Tony Marshall on guitars, Lee Morris on Drums, Steve Mckenna on bass, and a newcomer to our family, Mike Corfield ..boards. We are going to be doing a variety of songs from all through my career with some special attention paid to a number of songs that haven’t been played much, if at all, in a live setting. This will include songs from both FTI albums as well as all my solo records, and, of course, some Tyketto thrown in for good measure. Rather than an acoustic show, think of it more like an MTV Unplugged sort of vibe. At the shows we’re also gonna have t-shirts for the event and, I’m very proud to say, in collaboration with the fab people at www.hardrockhouse.com we are re releasing my old acoustic cd “Standing Alone”. I only ever had 1,000 copies made in the first place and they were long gone back in 2002. It’s a very basic, stripped down version of some of my better known songs and was a real labour of love to make. It will be available for sale at the shows for 6 pounds, but if you’re unable to be there, or live in another part of the world you can order it here at: www.hardrockhouse.com/StandingAlone.htm

If you order on line it will cost 7 pounds (includes shipping) to the UK, 7.50 pounds (including shipping) to the rest of Europe and 8 pounds (you guessed it, including shipping) to the rest of the world. There are also some samples on the web site for you to listen to.

Tyketto Announce Around The World In 18 Days 2009 Tour

But it ain’t over yet!! We have decided to do a live recording of the Christmas Bash at the Cluny, (for which there are only 5 tickets left, btw, and you can get them at www.ticketweb.co.uk) for release next year. There will be a very limited edition double disc available only to the people that attended the shows and you can place an order by filling out a form over at the merchandise desk at either show. There will be a single disc version available to everybody else sometime early next year through Hardrockhouse.com

We are all really excited about having this chance to make it a big Christmas party with all of our friends so make sure you come prepared to sing, clap, and generally get heard!!

On to TYKETTO news. We all want to say a huge thank you to everyone at Firefest. There were so many people that I talked to that were supportive and happy to see the band play as well as so many members of great bands that were all there to show support for the entire event. I would like to extend a personal thank you to 2 gentlemen that I had the pleasure of discussing my personal passion, song writing with on the day. I’m no good with names but one of you I met back stage doing a project for college and the other was a young fella from New Jersey I met at the hotel bar that damned near made my jaw hit the floor by seeming to understand exactly how and why I write music in the first place. It was a pleasure talking with you both.

As Tyketto was working with a new line up we were really pleased at how well received we were. And let’s face it, PJ’s guitar playing was about as powerful as a Sherman Tank! He is now a permanent member of Tyketto and we have also decided to add a very well known keyboard wizard from the New Jersey area, Bobby Lynch, to the family. So, it’s time to start touring again! And here are the dates for our “Around the world in 18 Days” 2009 tour!

Thursday, January 15th, BAR A in Lake Como New Jersey, USA
Saturday, January 17th, MEXICALI LIVE in Teaneck, New Jersey, USA
Sunday, January 18th, MAXIMUM CAPACITY in Chicopee, Massachussettes, USA
Thursday, January 22nd, JB’s in Dudley, UK
Friday, January 23rd, De BOSUIL in Weert, Holland
Saturday, January 24th, SALA CARACOL, Madrid, Spain
Sunday, January 25th, SALA PARANINFO, Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, Canary Islands
Wednesday, January 28th, STAZIONE BIRRA, Rome, Itlay
Friday, January 30th, SOTTOTETTO SOUND CLUB, Bologna, Italy
Saturday, January 31st, Z7 KONZERTFABRIK, Pratteln, Switzerland
Sunday, February 1st, THE CORPORATION, Sheffield, UK

And this is only the beginning! Tyketto are also going to be playing in South America again in May (dates will be announced soon) and are now in serious negotiations with summer festivals in the US and in Europe and Scandinavia. So, after a long hiatus, we’re going to try and visit all our friends around the world! Stay tuned, true believers!

THE ILLEGAL EAGLES just finished a really successful tour of the UK that lasted through 2 and a half months and covered about 30 or more shows. Next year it’s getting even bigger with an ambitious new set and some of the biggest venues we have yet played over almost 40 dates. The plan next year is to do the entire first set devoted to songs from “The Long Road Out Of Eden” album and the second set will be all of the classics that we can cram in. We are pleased to be playing such amazing venues as the Edinburgh Playhouse, Belfast Waterfront, and The Bournemouth Pavilion, to name a few, but the most amazing one of all is the Indigo 2 in London, where the Eagles themselves first premiered their new album. I know I’ve got a lot of friends in London dying to get to show, well this would be the one. For more info, please go to www.illegaleagles.com

Okay, my head is spinning from all this so yours certainly must be. My thanks to so very many people I’ve met at all the shows I’ve done this year. It’s been such a pleasure to be back out on the road so much again. Thanks also to our crews, drivers, promoters, and managers that made the whole thing possible.

And I want to wish all of you the best of everything for the Holidays!

See you soon,
Danny Vaughn

Courtesy of www.myspace.com/vaughnband