Tyketto do not practice anymore + new album in the works with no timeline

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

Tyketto do not practice anymore + new album in the works with no timeline

Tyketto keyboardist Ged Rylands and lead vocalist Danny Vaughn were interviewed by Angel Alamo at the M3 Rock Festival back in early May 2018 and were asked whether they still practice after knowing their songs for so many years.

Rylands simply answered “No” while Vaughn stated “Cat is out of the bag. (laughs)”

Vaughn went on to state (with slight edits): “You want to know what’s funny? This thing that we’re talking about and evening with Tyketto, it is the hardest that it’s been and it will work. So this is going to be concentration time. A lot of times, you think you should practice but these guys are so locked in. Let me tell you a story. We played the Barcelona Rock Festival in front of 25,000 people. Hot as balls literally. I am hallucinating on stage. I feel bubbles, it’s that hot. I normally for a longer set would have two acoustic guitars because I use different tunings. So one, it’s normal to me and then there are songs like “Standing Alone” where it’s dropped down a whole step. So I’m playing “Standing Alone” and I picked up the wrong guitar — the one that is tuned up a whole step higher than what I would normally sing in. I am playing the song because I do the whole intro by myself. And half of my brain is going “Excuse me, excuse me.” My brain shouts out “I am busy.” So I’m playing. I’m playing the first chorus where I sang “Stand up” and both sides of my brain goes “You asshole.” So my point being is that at that point, you can’t stop so I have to tough it out a whole step higher and these guys — I think you picked it up first. Ged picked it up first. And look at the bass player who said “You’re not playing as an F. This is G.” So without missing a beat that I can see, now, I got to have the whole band playing the exact same song The guitar player transposed the solo on the spot and played the solo a whole step up from the way he has been playing it for three years. So I’m really confident About you know we can get together and rock.”

In terms of whether we can expect a follow up album to 2016’s Reach, (which reached #9 on the Sleaze Roxx’s Top 20 Album s of 2016), Vaughn advised (with slight edits): “Our last studio album was in 2016 Reach. Then we put out Live In Milan which was 2017 which was us playing live at the Frontiers Music Festival. So yes, it is time to start engaging in the writing process again. I got my whiteboard out at home by the way with 35 ideas.” With respect to a timeline for a new album, Vaughn stated: “Oh no, I don’t like to say it because one, I am unfortunately notoriously slow when it comes to writing songs. I can’t make any excuses for it. I just think a lot. Also, we won’t put something out because it’s time to. If it’s not ready, it’s not coming out. We want to put out an album that we would happily sit and listen to which is what Reach is.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Rylands and Vaughn at Angel Alamo.