Tyketto singer Danny Vaughn upset with new album ‘Reach’ getting leaked

Tyketto singer Danny Vaughn upset with new album ‘Reach’ getting leaked

Tyketto‘s frontman Danny Vaughn expressed his disappointment via his Facebook account on his band’s new album Reach getting leaked to illegal download sites. Vaughn is justifiably upset that Tyketto‘s new album Reach has been leaked and he has concluded that it can only be through one of the journalists that would have received an advance copy of the album via Frontiers Music Srl.

img_3370The following message was posted on Vaughn‘s Facebook page yesterday:

“I know that this was going to be inevitable but the new Tyketto album “Reach” is now up on various illegal download sites. As the album doesn’t come out until Oct. 14 this can only mean that some one that is considered a trusted journalist by Frontiers Records has uploaded it. What stuns me is that you would think a music journalist would be one of the few people that understands just how badly so many mid level bands are hurt by this activity. As it is, we already struggle to make every single sale which, in turn, helps us tour, produce merchandise, and meet the demands of the fans as best as we can manage. We don’t have big houses, we don’t drive Maseratis and we are trying to make our way in this world by doing what we love most to do. But someone out there that was trusted within our own business just couldn’t help themselves and needed to feel important. You don’t know the damage that you do. But if I ever meet you I will be sure to let you know.”

Tyketto‘s “Reach” video:

Tyketto “Reach” (Official Music Video)

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