Tyketto To Begin Recording With Original Line Up

Tyketto To Begin Recording With Original Line Up

March 17, 2010

>Tyketto To Begin Recording With Original Line UpTyketto vocalist Danny Vaughn has revealed that the original band has reunited to begin work on a brand new album.

Vaughn states, “There is Tyketto news. And new Tyketto news at that! Under cover of darkness, surrounded by secret service agents who were sworn to take a bullet for any and all of us, Brooke, Michael and I got together a couple of weeks ago in Las Vegas. Not only did we have a great time, but we started writing together! These days it isn’t possible for us to spend the amount of time together that we used to when it came to writing songs but I’m pleased to say that in a week’s time, we came away with 8 new song ideas that we are all very pleased with. So, with that in mind and the future ahead, we are going to start working on a brand new Tyketto album! Complete with the original line up! While Brooke is not in a position to go on the road anymore he is still playing his ass off and came up with some great riffs and song ideas, so he’ll be able to record with us at some point this year. It’s a long way from being done so that’s all you get for now, but as things develop, I will definitely let you know.”

In related news, Danny Vaughn’s first two solo albums are about to be re-issued. The singer says, “After a number of years languishing in the “deleted” file, my first 2 solo CDs, “Soldiers And Sailors On Riverside” and “Fearless”, are going to be re-issued. Michael Arbeeny and I are now the proud owners of both releases and we always felt that they never got heard by enough people because of the limited release time, “Fearless” in particular, received. So we have put them both into a double CD package we are calling “Reprise”, which will feature both old and new photos and credits, some reminiscing from Michael and myself about the writing and recording of both albums, along with some recorded extras like “House Of Cards”, a song that was only on the single for “Is That All There Is”, a newly done interview of me conducted by Michael (boy was that weird), and a live, in studio recording of the song “Soldiers And Sailors On Riverside” featuring myself and Tyketto keyboard player Bobby Lynch.

“Reprise” is available at www.hardrockhouse.com. You may have noticed that a lot of my recordings are popping up on that web site. I’ve gone into a happy partnership with them and will continue to have that site as THE place to get hold of any and all of my recordings at prices that won’t leave you taking out a 2nd mortgage (have you seen the prices amazon is asking???? sheesh!). They ship world wide, so no matter where you live we can get them to you. The link to the purchase page is: www.hardrockhouse.com/Shop.htm

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.myspace.com/vaughnband