Tyketto to pay tribute to debut album ‘Don’t Come Easy’ throughout 2016

Tyketto to pay tribute to debut album ‘Don’t Come Easy’ throughout 2016

American rockers Tyketto will be paying tribute to their debut album Don’t Come Easy throughout 2016 as part of the 25th anniversary celebration of the release of the album. Tyketto‘s debut album contains the successful single “Forever Young.”

Tyketto just posted the following message on their Facebook account:

Tyketto poster“Who’s ready for some 2016 Tyketto?

All year long, we will paying tribute to the album that started it all. This quarter century old pic was taken in the bedroom of my Staten Island home by world renowned photographer and uber-nice guy James Lomenzo. (Rumor has it he plays a little bass in his spare time as well.)

Here’s to an incredible 2016… Viva La Don’t Come Easy!
{What’s your favorite DCE song? For me, it’s a tie between Seasons and Sail Away}

With all the scary shit going on around the world these days, it’s more important than ever to appreciate those around you. If you’ve got a handful of good friends by your side, a handful of great songs in your head and a handful of great memories in your heart, you’re doing alright. (I get a little mushy around the holidays…you got a problem with that???)

From ours to yours; have a wonderful holiday.
Danny, Michael, Jimi, Ged, Chris and Chris