Tyketto to release new CD/DVD ‘We’ve Got Tomorrow, We’ve Got Tonight’ likely in late fall

Tyketto to release new CD/DVD ‘We’ve Got Tomorrow, We’ve Got Tonight’ likely in late fall

Tyketto featuring original members Danny Vaughn (lead vocals) and Michael Clayton (drums) will be releasing a new CD/DVD titled We’ve Got Tomorrow, We’ve Got Tonight likely in the fall of 2018.

Clayton was recently interviewed by Angel Alamo and was asked how the idea for the new live DVD came about to which he stated (with slight edits):

“Once we got back on the world stage and started doing the big festivals, we were exposed to a multitude of different bands. Some just kind of phone it in and are doing whatever to make their money. Then we see several bands that are playing wonderfully, but when you see them from show one to show two and year one to year two, it’s the same cut and paste show. Even though it’s quality, it’s the same thing. The bands we like to go see are the bands that always try to mix it up. We’ve been together 30 years, so how many people in our genre haven’t seen us live?

With the challenge of once again reinventing ourselves, the first dialogue was to record an acoustic DVD where we’d do different arrangements unplugged. We soon remembered that we’d done that once or twice over the years, so it didn’t seem special.

So, the idea started: Let’s get backing vocalists. Great, okay, we’ll do that. Let’s get a horn section. Okay, we’ll do that too. And let’s get a string section. Once everybody got all excited about it, we just started throwing these crazy ideas around. Fast forward six months; we’re in Wales and we’ve got a 14-piece band on stage! We then added the extra pressure of recording it in front of a live audience, so it just became this monster. It was born out of wanting to give our long-time fans something that they never saw before.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Michael Clayton at Angel Alamo‘s website.