Tyrant and Roadkill frontman Neil Wilson writing a book about his adventures

Tyrant and Roadkill frontman Neil Wilson writing a book about his adventures

It appears that there will be a new rock autobiography to read in the future and it will be none other than long-time Tyrant (36 years) and Roadkill (13 years) frontman Neil Wilson is currently writing his autobiography. Tyrant recently announced that they will be playing their final shows of their musical career later in 2019. Roadkill released a new studio album titled Ruled By Machines in November 2018.

The following message was posted on Wilson‘s Facebook page yesterday:

“As some of you know, my old band TYRANT just celebrated 36 years from when we formed in Hobart back in 1983!

The decision to bring our legacy to a close is due to the fact, that as much as I love getting up with the lads in the band and cranking out the songs, after all this time – it’s time to end it as I have other projects – that require my time!

There’s been plenty of highs and plenty of lows – too many to list here but throughout all the years, I’ve really enjoyed what we achieved, we had our 15 minutes of fame but never ascertained that ‘success’ and we’re certainly not alone in that department, considering all the people and obstacles that have been put in our way!

As you can imagine, there are a plethora of stories to tell, and this is neither the time or place but for those who are interested, a book of my adventures is in the works.

Besides all the guys who’ve been part of the journey in the band, I’ve met and befriended so many people – be it fellow musicians, roadies, girlfriends, fans, and there are many who I still call good friends and of course, there are many who you meet that are dead set fucking parasites….that’s the music business LOL.

I’ve thanked the members of the band on the TYRANT FB page but I personally want to thank some certain people (outside of the band) who have been there, who helped, who have been real friends!

Mum and Dad (who passed away 6 years ago), Tim Partridge, Steve ‘Rockwell’ Murray, Roger Castle, Ziggy, Brett Trafford, Chris Jones, Paul (Utopia Records), Dave ‘Crystal’ Coles, Clarkey (RIP), Danny Hanley (Pulse Promotions), Greg Van Borrsum, Melinda Kay, Melinda Davis, Andrew McNiece, Oliver (Sleaze Roxx) and Brett Collidge.

A few highlights that stand out:

*Playing to 1800 people at the ‘Metal Crusade‘ at Sydney’s, Selina’s in 1985!

*Having a #1 selling cassette in our home town, Hobart back in 1984!

*Supporting ROSE TATTOO a number of times and finally meeting your heroes and getting to know them on a social level!

*Supporting Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens who actually played in Hobart!

*Sitting in Harbour Agency‘s office in Kings Cross, having a yarn and a laugh with Michael Chugg – something that I’ll never forget!

*The birth of my beautiful daughter, Emily!

The end is near and I look forward to stepping onto the stage for the last few times with TYRANT – later in the year for our farewell and delivering our Thunder Down Under….for the very last time!”