UFO guitarist Vinnie Moore working on solo album

UFO guitarist Vinnie Moore working on solo album

UFO guitarist Vinnie Moore was recently interviewed by Ryan Witting for the Rockin You All Night podcast and spoke about his latest solo album that he’s working on.

Moore advised (as transcribed by Rockin You All Night), “I have a new record that I’m working on. It’s almost finished, but it isn’t quite ready yet.” When asked about when we can expect it to be released, Moore stated that it will be released, “probably just after [the new year]. I was hoping it would be out by now, but you get in the studio, you know what happens. You get obsessive and take forever to do things.”

When asked if he has the mind of a perfectionist, Moore stated, “Totally. It drives me crazy, absolutely crazy.” Moore elaborated by saying, “Sometimes things happen, like immediately, and sometimes you labor over things because you’re being too picky. You just kind of have to get better and know when you’re just tormenting yourself basically, and it’s not getting any better.”  Moore added, “You just start to hear things under a microscope, basically, when you really get into it. You’ve got to learn to step back a little bit and not listen so closely, because you kind of hear things that you won’t even hear a week later. I will hear something, myself, and a week later, I won’t even notice.”

Moore has released a number of solo albums starting in 1986 with Mind’s Eyes and his last one being Aerial Visions in 2015.

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