Uli Jon Roth to release ‘Tokyo Tapes Revisited – Live In Japan’ on December 16th

Uli Jon Roth to release ‘Tokyo Tapes Revisited – Live In Japan’ on December 16th

Former Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth will be releasing a live CD/DVD entitled Tokyo Tapes Revisited – Live In Japan via UDR Music on December 16, 2016.

uli-jon-roh-album-coverUDR Music‘s press release states in part:

“One of rock ‘n’ roll’s most venerated guitar Gods, Uli Jon Roth, will be releasing a very special live performance from the Nakano Sun Plaza Hall in Tokyo, Japan on December 16th 2016 through UDR Music, titled Tokyo Tapes Revisited – Live In Japan. The performance is a celebration of Roth’s classic work with The Scorpions, and was recorded on February 20th 2015 at the same venue as the band’s classic 1978 live album Tokyo Tapes

Pre-order now…:
Blu-ray + 2 CD Digipak- http://hyperurl.co/lop5um
DVD + 2 CD Digipak – http://hyperurl.co/cn9itt
Limited Deluxe Vinyl Box Set – http://hyperurl.co/ola80r

Sleaze Roxx was the first publication to announce Roth‘s plan to release Tokyo Tape Revisited. Back in March 2016, long-time Sleaze Roxx contributor Ruben Mosqueda interviewed Roth who stated: “Well, we have recorded a lot of shows but I just want to release the very best. There will be be a counterpart to ‘Scorpions Revisited’ and it will be called ‘Tokyo Tapes Revisited.’ It’s a DVD recording of a 2.5 hour show that I did in the same hall where we recorded ‘Tokyo Tapes.’ That video looks and sounds really great. We just finished editing it in Japan last week. It will be out later this year. We originally wanted to issue another live performance that we had recorded and I wanted to issue it after the studio album but I wasn’t too happy with that and we decided against that. Then, there was talk about recording the show in Japan where Scorpions recorded ‘Tokyo Tapes’ and that turned out wonderfully.”